About Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass made its official debut on stage at Consonance 2009, but our first concert (where the picture above was taken) was actually a few months earlier at Conflikt, where Callie and Steve played backup in Naomi's concert. It went so well that we formed a group on the spot.

We sang roughly equal parts folk, filk, and our own songs (which tend to be on the folkish side of filk or the filky side of folk, depending on which side of the line you're looking from). Recently we've been trying to develop a "signature sound" based on seamless transitions between lead voices. Sometimes we switch off within a verse or even within a line. If you've heard The Weavers you'll get some idea of what we're aiming for.

We are, from left to right (and by coincidence in alphabetical order):

Any resemblance between Tempered Glass and some other filk group with the initials TG is probably a product of your fevered imagination.