Consonance 2009

This was the second of two consecutive concerts for Steve and Callie. It's worth noting that "Gentle Arms of Eden" was added to the setlist about 40 minutes before Tres Gique went on stage. Audio coming soon, one hopes took 3 years, for no particularly good reason. Note that, as of mid-February 2012, the "artist" field in the audio files is still wrong. Working on it.

1 [ogg] [mp3] As You See (Rivkis)
2 [ogg] [mp3] The Devil's Music (Faber)
3 [ogg] [mp3] A Talk With the Middle-Sized Bear (Savitzky/Hills)
4 [ogg] [mp3] Gentle Arms of Eden (Carter)
5 [ogg] [mp3] Where the Heart Is (Rivkis/Hills)
6 [ogg] [mp3] Inherit the Earth (Savitzky)
7 [ogg] [mp3] Vanguard (Rivkis/Rivkis)
8 [ogg] [mp3] Circles of Music (Hills/Bell)
9 [ogg] [mp3] A Tribute to the Middle-Aged Bear (Rivkis/Savitzky)
10 [ogg] [mp3] Landscapes (Rivkis/Hodgetts)
11 [ogg] [mp3] Riverheart (Rivkis/Phoenix)
12 [ogg] [mp3] The October Country (Rivkis/Hills)

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