White Blossom Care Center

After a successful concert here in April, Steve foolishly scheduled us for a return engagement before Baycon. To say that it made the week rather too hectic is something of an understatement. But we pulled it off, with our characteristic mixture of insanity, musicianship, and plain dumb luck.

This was recorded under slightly adverse conditions: in the cafeteria of the nursing home, with somebody loudly chopping vegetables about 10 feet away. Also, it's a very live room, and this was our first experience with Steve's Behringer 1204 mixer. It's a huge help, but Steve is far from an experienced soundman at this point.

1 [ogg] [mp3] The Fox (Trad.)
2 Get Up and Go (anon/Seeger)
Something of a trainwreck -- we had trouble starting out in the same pitch. Go for the one in our Baycon concert instead.
3 [ogg] [mp3] Gentle Arms of Eden (Carter)
4 [ogg] [mp3] Where the Heart Is (Rivkis/Hills)
5 [ogg] [mp3] Cicero in the 21st Century (Savitzky)
More than 2000 years ago, the Roman orator Cicero wrote: "Times are bad. Children no longer obey their parents, and everyone is writing a book." It's amazing how little has changed.
6 [ogg] [mp3] The Living Earth (Faber/Hills)
7 [ogg] [mp3] Masquerade (Newman)
8 [ogg] [mp3] Lies (Rogers)
9 [ogg] [mp3] The River (Savitzky)
10 [ogg] [mp3] Circles of Music (Hills/Bell)
11 [ogg] [mp3] The Toolmakers (Savitzky)
12 [ogg] [mp3] The Devil's Music (Faber)
13 [ogg] [mp3] The River (Savitzky)
14 [ogg] [mp3] Paper Wings (Savitzky)
15 [ogg] [mp3] Wheelin' (Savitzky)

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