Short Tempered Glass at OryCon 2010

Since Naomi had to stay home and go to class, Callie and Steve performed at OryCon as "Short Tempered Glass". She was sorely missed. The theme of the con was "the darker side of fantasy", and the songs mostly fit, though arguably some would have fit better with next year's theme, "the lighter side of horror".

We also performed in the Kinderfilk concert in the afternoon. So without further ado, here is the setlist:

1 [YouTube] Vampire Mega-Byte (Savitzky)
2 The October Country (Rivkis/Savitzky/Hills) -- There's some of it on the end of Vampire Mega-Byte.
3 When the Magic Died (Savitzky)
4 [YouTube] Mina's Song (Introduction) (Nyrond)
4.1 [YouTube] Mina's Song (Nyrond)
5 [YouTube] Inherit the Earth (Savitzky) -- first line cut off, unfortunately, but you get the idea.
6 [YouTube] Rocket Rider's Prayer (Savitzky)
7 [YouTube] Thrill-Seekers' Waltz (Savitzky/Fish)

Some of the songs have video, recorded by the lovely Jenrose, all of which is now on YouTube. There are problems with some of it: "Inherit the Earth" is missing the first line, and "Vampire Megabyte" has about 2/3 of "The October Country" tacked onto the end. Deal. In my opinion the best of the lot, by far, is Zander Nyrond's wonderful "Mina's Song".

The full audio will have to wait until I get it; I managed to fat-finger the recorder while setting up, and so missed recording the concert myself. I did get the KinderFilk concert, though.

... and our songs at the KinderFilk concert:

1 [ogg] [mp3] The Fox (Trad.)
2 The October Country (Rivkis/Savitzky/Hills) -- this one came out pretty rough; the version in the evening concert is a lot better. You'll just have to wait for it.
3 [ogg] [mp3] The Owl and the Pussycat (Lear/Trad.)

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